Measurement Chart

To ensure that your custom VirtuoSew tail will have an absolutely perfect fit, we require that you fill out our measurement chart.  For tails: click the link to view and print the Measurement Chart.  For arm fins and bracers: click here.

Once you have completed the required forms, scan them or take a clear picture, attach the file(s) to the tail ordering page.  Add your tail with your desired customizations to your cart, then proceed with the check-out process.

Take exact measurements, do not add or subtract from your measurements.  By adding your measurement chart to a custom designed product, you are stating that the measurements are correct.  VirtuoSew is not responsible for any errors made by you while filling out your measurement chart, which may result in you receiving a garment that does not fit correctly.


For further assistance with measuring, refer to our videos for directions:

-How to Measure for Your VirtuoSew Tail


-How to Measure for Your VirtuoSew Arm Fins and Bracers